Raised in the suburbs of Las Vegas, Matthew Rapp—an electro-pop solo artist with alternative influences—is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Since a young age, Matthew has been interested in music, which led him to become a self-taught producer, vocalist, and instrumentalist. Over the years he honed his skills in the quiet comfort of a bedroom recording studio, but it wasn’t until 2016 that he began to share these talents with the world. That’s when he began to release videos of cover songs, often duets and mashups with female singers. The videos picked up steam quickly, so quickly that his second release—a “We Don’t Talk Anymore” mashup/duet with Denisse Borquez—racked up over 340,000 views on Facebook. The video was taken down due to copyright issues, but Matthew couldn’t be stopped by that.

Instead, he shifted his focus to pursuits less likely to cause him trouble: original songwriting. Matthew Rapp’s foray into the recording artist world began with the release of his first single, “This Is How,” a song that showcases his knack for both ear-catching melody and pop sentimentality. The song was released as a music video on YouTube, where it generated over 20,000 views, twice as many as his YouTube cover videos combined. On the heels of this success, Rapp released a followup in August 2017. “Right Now,” a tune ripe with the underpinnings of youthful defiance and forbidden love, quickly drew the support of various Spotify playlists, granting him with a fanbase of 2,000 monthly listeners—a number that continues to grow. Seth Trotter, frontman of The Higher, a pop punk band formerly signed to Epitaph Records, particularly applauds the lyrics and hook of “Right Now,” calling the song “an amazing showcase of talent.”

Losing momentum is not an option for Matthew Rapp. Throughout 2018, he plans to continue the daily grind of crafting music. This year, he hopes to release a series of remixes, original songs, videos, and features.